More To Us (2008)

by Nothing To Regret

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released March 15, 2008

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Dennis Metz and Jens Siefert at Überwälder Klangdressur Tonstudio.
Credit is due to Tobi and Dave, former members of the band that took part in writing this record.



all rights reserved


Nothing To Regret Karlsruhe, Germany

We've started in 2005, released a few records, had a few line up changes, toured across europe and called it quits in 2010.

We have played three more shows between 2010 and 2013 just for the fun of it. We will play again when or if we feel like.

Members went on to play in Ablaze and Reborn To Conquer, be sure to check them out.
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Track Name: More To Us
I live on my feet, not in my dreams
Just start today, look ahead
Always try my best, I got myself
Why shall I betray just to integrate?

It's a promise I will always try my best
It's all I want It's all I have

Walking through the same old streets
My strength paved them for me
Meeting up with friends
Life's not fair but I feel free

I have nothing to regret, always together but at least alone
Take a look into the sun, can you see where I feel home?

Where I feel home - At least alone

No need to cry
Sun or clouds ahead
I will always rise
I will fucking last

It's always the best for us
You can't take what I love
Nothing will ever stop me
I will resist hardcore deep in my chest

Whether future or down in the past
Everyone of us will fucking last
Track Name: Watching BBC Is The Only Way To Get Political Correct
You live the life you've always known
Looking at a screen
And all the pictures they have shown
They just seemed so real

Never asked yourself where they came from
Life's a blind tv show, in which we´re born

Pictures fade aways and it makes me fear
Zap away life's tragedy and mute the screams

Do you think it is prurient? - Dead to me
Kids executions live
Dead pictures on the screeen - Dead to me
Someday we're alive

Get on your feet
See what is real

Never asked yourself where they came from
Life's a blind tv show, in which we´re born
Pictures fade aways and it makes me fear
Zap away life's tragedy and mute the screams
Track Name: Blood Is As Thick As Water
Daddy fucks his kids
Call it family
Daddy beats his kids
Blood is thick as water
Friends mean more to me, than dna
They are my family - ties stronger than anything

Undeserved respect's gone

I got my friends, not dna
I love my family
Not the blood in their veins

Give some respect
Attitude counts
Wherever we get
Whatever we shout

Judged by our life
Not by our blood
Wherever we get

Undeserved respect's gone

Got your back - Forever
You got mine - Forever
No regrets - Forever
True respect

Undeserved respect's gone.
Track Name: End Of Faith
Time has come
End of faith

Now it's breaking off
We must reach the end of faith
It's the only way
Can't close our eyes
Can't turn away

So much hate in my veins

Time has come - Strike against faith
No more mercy - Time has come

This is reality
God free life
This is morality
Track Name: Never Give In
Am I alone here
Or where do you stand now?
I feel I'm lost to a world far behind
I'll walk alone
My heart has nothing to prove
My will, my strength, my demons
They keep me alive

Even if its hard - I will never give in
Till the day comes- I'll always try
Also if I fail, I'll get the fuck back up
Don't walk away
Always try, I'll always try

No one can take away
No one can break me down

When everything goes wrong
I still look forward
In my heart I know
I persist in this grey world
Till the day I die

I have no regrets
Till the day I die

No one can take away
No one can break me down
Track Name: Among Traitors
Bit by bit I opened eyes
Day by day heard nothing but lies
All the shit you've told us
I believed what you said

What you've said

You've learned nothing from your faults
I think you´ve lost, lost it all
Trust was one of the biggest mistakes
Now you'll walk alone

Walk alone

I'll promise I'll never forget I'll never forgive
Scars so deep - They'll take you down

No second chance, we're not through
Run away and hide in shame
Your lies remain

I'm happy that we've lost you now
And I don't care of what you think is right
Your values lie like shit on the ground
You've got what you deserve.