Split w/ Still Alive (2010)

by Nothing To Regret

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released May 28, 2010

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Dennis Metz and Jens Siefert at Überwälder Klangdressur Tonstudio
Marked For Death Records 2010.
Credit is due to Tobi and Dave, former members of the band that took part in writing this record.



all rights reserved


Nothing To Regret Karlsruhe, Germany

We've started in 2005, released a few records, had a few line up changes, toured across europe and called it quits in 2010.

We have played three more shows between 2010 and 2013 just for the fun of it. We will play again when or if we feel like.

Members went on to play in Ablaze and Reborn To Conquer, be sure to check them out.
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Track Name: Puttin' Swim Fins On A Cat
What the fuck is up?

I can't see the point on putting
Swimfins on a cat
Raised up to fit into a mold
A product of ads, social conditioned
Enjoy your life, it's yours not theirs

No special snow flakes
But it's sure we'll melt
Only few days alive
There's no time to regret
Won't be integrated
I won't consume
Not another zombie
Buying lies of fools

What the fuck, I need to get up
I'm moving too fast and I won't get stuck
Smash through the haze like a junk on drugs
Just live my life and don't give a fuck
The world I see is the world I rule
Need the truth and to stay true
No need to fear, no way I'll lose
Get up own the world - Stop to excuse

Desperate for attention, defined by your car
This world makes me puke, stuck in a war
It's all about money, all about fame
We all bitch around but we're to blame

You strife for perfection that others dictate
But struggle for idols is just dead weight
I can see through you and all your fear
See how they fool, how you disappear
Track Name: Shallow
Pull down the stars
Fuck BMG
Break britney's jaw
Bomb MTV

You get a boner on dollars and fame
Headbangersball's so fucking lame
Your world's about fame and cash
Stupid fuck, you don't pull girls you just pull trash

Don't care about meaning, just care about hype
This is hardcore, not gucci lifestyle
It's for the kids and common sense
Stop pushing cheap Celebbands

Take your crap and get out of my world
Bow to none, neither you nor your purse
I don't need bling bling or fancy merch
Fuck your stars 'cause I rule this earth

Wanna be big biz but you only suck dick
Might earn some bucks but never respect
Don't give a fuck about your fifteen fame
I just want to party on stage

Let's smash the drums
Burn the PA
Fuck up this place
We rule the stage
Track Name: Bite The Dust
I need to quit

I'm sorry for all those
Days of regrets
I've carried you along
Though you lack of respect
I've got to live by consequence
Try to stab my back
It won't bleed anymore
It's the pain i've got to accept

I need to quit
It's time to quit

I took the hardest part
There's no way back
Comfort, hope and all the shit
Just fucked up crap
Count 'em out, the pursuit sucks
I looked through the cracks

I'll die with a smile
By your knife in my back

Cause I don't care, I'll always make my way
The day is mine - Won't reach my crown, I'll stay
Track Name: Becoming Hollow
Buy it then own it
Until you get owned
Worship, consume it
Won't fill the hole

Shining like diamonds
Won't kill the pain
We have to accept
Living in vain

What do you expect
A magic pill?
A car's no solution
For you to feel real

They want to drown you
In tons of shit
Your life is defined
By what you miss

We don't dance to your music
We don't laugh at your jokes
We never accept your sick world
We don't jump through your loops

Ashamed of yourself
Acting in patterns
Stop giving a fuck

...the others don't matter

Only you can judge
Only you can decide
Stop playing their monkey

...its your own life

but you think you are the shoes you own

Became a trademark
Long time ago
Feels like surrender
Down in the flow

Have heart for your friends
Start your own band
Stop wasting time
Stand up, understand

Give life the respect
It just deserves
Live every moment
In every breath

Take what you want
Live what you feel
Fuck, fight, have fun
Just stop to kneel